Things I’m Thankful For

– My mom’s cooking abilities

– My ability to taste, as well as see, hear, feel, smell

– People who have a good sense of humor (people who think I’m funny)

– That I don’t know everyone so I can still talk to strangers/meet new people

– That there’s still nature left

– Trust-worthy medication when I need it

– Naps/sleeping in

– Humans don’t have predators

– I can say what I want

– People who care about others

– Memory

– Diversity and ability to appreciate it

– People who recorded stuff from the past

– Ability to learn new things

– Internet (keeping up with friends around the world, applying to jobs, learning new things, directions, etc.)

– People who don’t quite get me but try to

– That I’m not allergic to anything

– Public transportation

– People who are understanding

– Comfy clothes

– Anyone who has taught me something

– Cafes without obtrusive music when I’m trying to read

– Seasons

– Great headphones/speakers/camera

– Colors

– “The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment” aka science

– Words and numbers

– Critical thinking

– People who love me, or have at some point

– People who increase the quality of my life just by knowing

– Kind strangers

– Moments when nothing can make you feel bad because you’re so happy

– That I can tell when I’m hungry/hurt/have to go to the bathroom

– That I have the basic necessities of life

– Quality conversations with friends

– Unconditional love

– Ability to feel emotions

– Beautiful things

– Happiness of others who I’ve had an impact on

– No more homework/studying for exams

– Morning coffee, afternoon tea, nighttime drinking

– Any means to keep in touch with family and friends abroad (letters, e-mail, packages, Skype, ┬átraveling)