I love when my dog digs random spots for no reason.

– Ninjas used to use special ninja letters to write to each other. Always so sneaky. What did they do for fun? I hope they cut loose from time to time.

– I hope they never decipher the Voynich Manuscript.

– Dolphins bite on puffer fish to enjoy their narcotic-like effects. Puffin’ on dat fish shyt. Hittin’ dat puff. And having so much recreational sex. Those dolphins sure know how to have fun.

– Days are getting longer. Each day is a tiny, tiny bit longer than the one before. Because Earth is spinning slower and slower.

– The moon keeps spinning further away from us, at the same speed as our fingernails grow. It must’ve looked even prettier from Earth a long time ago.

– The fact that people use cell phones a lot nowadays sucks in terms of aesthetics in movies. They’re so ugly, but have to be included in modern pieces or it wouldn’t seem realistic. They’re worse than TVs because most ┬ápeople have cell phones on them at all times and use it to communicate, whereas a TV can just be sitting in the background.

– If you were on the equator and kept moving at the same speed in the opposite direction as the Earth spinning, your day would never end.

– “Temporal provincialism, our difficulty imagining times unlike our own.”- Arno Karlen

– So glad the GoldieBlox commercial played during the Super Bowl. Crazy thinking how far it’s come since the idea was first created.