I love when my dog digs random spots for no reason.

– Ninjas used to use special ninja letters to write to each other. Always so sneaky. What did they do for fun? I hope they cut loose from time to time.

– I hope they never decipher the Voynich Manuscript.

– Dolphins bite on puffer fish to enjoy their narcotic-like effects. Puffin’ on dat fish shyt. Hittin’ dat puff. And having so much recreational sex. Those dolphins sure know how to have fun.

– Days are getting longer. Each day is a tiny, tiny bit longer than the one before. Because Earth is spinning slower and slower.

– The moon keeps spinning further away from us, at the same speed as our fingernails grow. It must’ve looked even prettier from Earth a long time ago.

– The fact that people use cell phones a lot nowadays sucks in terms of aesthetics in movies. They’re so ugly, but have to be included in modern pieces or it wouldn’t seem realistic. They’re worse than TVs because most  people have cell phones on them at all times and use it to communicate, whereas a TV can just be sitting in the background.

– If you were on the equator and kept moving at the same speed in the opposite direction as the Earth spinning, your day would never end.

– “Temporal provincialism, our difficulty imagining times unlike our own.”- Arno Karlen

– So glad the GoldieBlox commercial played during the Super Bowl. Crazy thinking how far it’s come since the idea was first created.


“Today is the oldest you’ve ever been and the youngest you’ll ever be.”

– “Today is the oldest you’ve ever been and the youngest you’ll ever be.”

– Some babies aren’t named until they are 1 or older, because the chances of him/her dying is so high.

– Getting rid of the last vial of small pox, which might sound like a great idea, will actually be the first time that humans will have voluntarily extinguished a species.

– How do film critics rate movies without fully understanding every cultural difference?

– Lyme disease is so closely related to syphilis that it could cause a false positive.

– A woman was injected with testosterone because she wanted to become a man. Although she considered herself a feminist before the transformation, she could not help but to envision aggressive pornographic scenes whenever “he” encountered females in public once the testosterone shots started taking effect. It made him feel like some sort of a monster.

– Monetary value of your life increases with the number and quality of relationships you have with others (family, friends, husband/wife). Boyfriend/girlfriends are worth less than married couples.

– “An eye for an eye will make us all blind.” – Mahatma Gandhi

– Camps are sort of like cults. They strangely have kind of brainwashing effects. Whenever you’re at a camp, it allows you to be this other person that you’re not back home.

– Coincidences are crazy. They are so surprising and unlikely that sometimes they have a frightening aspect to them.

End of Funemployment

– Counterfeit drugs. Not too big of a problem in the U.S., but imagine not being able to trust medicines that are supposed to be making you healthier. You take it to feel better, but instead the drug contains toxic chemicals that make you feel worse. I would much rather be unemployed than have some forms of work, and a maker of counterfeit drugs would be one of them.

– If your medicine cabinet is in the bathroom, it might not be the best place for it. Some drugs need to be kept away from heat and moisture. These drug thought came from the drug development course I took online on edX.

– 7 generation thinking. Thinking that puts into consideration and learns from the 3 previous generations, looks ahead 3 generations into the future, and applies all of that to the present generation. I thinks that’s a pretty good coverage of the generations. Some things can’t be planned or even imagined if the timescale was any narrower. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFzEI1rZG_U

Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals by Charles Darwin. I want to read it.

– By observing you’re altering, already participating. You’re already there. It’s resolved. You don’t think. Thinking thinks, no I’s involved. Don’t get attached to your thoughts. Don’t rewind, just let it go. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1YRsyInIY4

– Be healthy for your future kids. Your body is your own but if you plan to have kids in the future, they’re gonna need you too. Good point pointed out to me by Louis C.K.

– Biography of a Germ by Arno Karlen. Just started readin it.

– People who read off of teleprompters, like news anchors and the President, are kinda like singing karaoke with no music. Talking karaoke.

– Paleomagnetism. “Permanent magnetism in rocks, resulting from the orientation of the Earth’s magnetic field at the time of rock formation in a past geologic age. It is a source of information for the paleomagnetic studies of polar wanderings and plate tectonics.” So the magnetic field of the Earth tends to move around over time, and it’s direction and intensity can be read from how certain minerals form in rocks.

– Chimps are more closely related to humans than to gorillas. This and similar thoughts come from the human evolution course I’m taking online.

– People can look at the past by digging the ground and finding fossils or looking up at a star. You stand in the present.

– The movie Holy Motors was nice on the eyes.

– Civil forfeiture. Shit’s fucked. Can’t believe things like this can happen in the U.S.. The article’s a bit long so I forgive you for not reading the whole thing. http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2013/08/12/130812fa_fact_stillman?currentPage=all

– The words ‘willy nilly’ and ‘blab’. Especially ‘blab’. In various forms too… ‘Blabbing’. ‘blabbed’.

– I miss having a pen pal. Writing letters in general.

– When you see that some event in the past/future happened/will happen on your birthday, you’re like, “That’s my birthday!” But also a lot of other shit happened/will happen on that day all over the world forever ago and forever in the future. Not just your birthday. You are still the most special though, don’t worry.

– Lucy the fossil hominid is about 3.2 million years old. Think about THAT.

– Big brains and bipedality are nice things, but they sure made giving birth pretty tough.

– It’s cool that we still have canine teeth. Makes me feel WILD.

– My dog has a basket full of her toys. Sometimes she digs deep down to find certain toys. How does she choose which one she wants? Does it vary depending on her mood? What are the criteria she considers? ‘NOT feelin Mr. Fox today… Maybe something a bit chewier right now. Minnie? HELL yes.’

– Got a job in Japan with a drug development company. I haven’t accepted the position yet, because I’m still interviewing with a couple of other companies. More info coming up in the near future.